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heart symbolInformal Arrangements

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If you are struggling with your debt repayments then it may be possible to re-negotiate your repayments with your creditors to a reduced monthly payment.

Informal Arrangements are agreements between you and your creditors that are not bound by legislation or formalised by contract.

To qualify for an Informal Arrangement you must have unsecured debts over $8,000 and must be struggling with your current repayments.

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heart symbolDebt Agreements

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A Debt Agreement is a legally binding agreement you can reach with your creditors if you can no longer afford to repay the debt. Only people who have been struggling with debt for some time can enter into a Debt Agreement.

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heart symbolPersonal Insolvency

Personal Insolvency Agreements

A Personal Insolvency Agreement provides a process for you to offer an arrangement to your creditors to satisfy your debts. The arrangement must be accepted by the majority of creditors and is legally binding.

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heart symbolBankruptcy Assistance

Bankruptcy Assistance

Bankruptcy is a last resort and has serious consequences. There are various options to deal with unmanageable debts. Before you make any decision or take any action you should speak to us first to ensure you have exhausted any alternative solutions.

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